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So what is Alpha Male Health going to do you?  A little background info – have you noticed how much of the media, products, magazines, ebooks and blogs are aimed at the female section of society? It’s mind boggling but there doesn’t seem that much for us blokes. So I decided to start up this site to perhaps readdress this ‘error’.  We have problems too, don’t we?

I have a problem which I know many of us blokes suffer from – the size of my penis!  Well I always wanted a bigger one and this is the first problem I am going to tackle.  Well I’ve found a solution called SizeGenetics.

I had heard of SizeGenetics and it appeared to have very positive feed backs and so I decided to start up this site to let any male interested in wanting to enlarge their penis find excellent  information on what they can expect to see in terms of their own results from using  SizeGenetics.   I also wanted to ensure that they had access to the cheapest price, the correct user information and avoid being scammed by other  penis  enlargement products that do absolutely nothing and can do harm.

So once again welcome to the home page of my site. I have provided information below that will give you exactly what you need to know so that you can decide if SizeGenetics is your perfect answer to enlarging your penis:

My SizeGenetics Review

So that I could give you a great  review of SizeGenetics I spent a lot of time reading testimonials and articles so that you would have, at your fingertips, information that would give you all the information you needed to make the best decision about purchasing this penis extender.  I have talked about the equipment itself, a short resume of how it works, the price, guarantees and discount available and of course, provided a few of the medical and user testimonials I have found but most importantly of all – where you can purchase it.  You can read more here…My SizeGenetics review



Betty asks…

What volume developer is safe for relaxed hair?

I relaxed my hair 14 days ago and I wanted to dye my hair medium brown. My natural hair is like a dark brown. I’ve never dyed my hair before. Should I use a 10 volume developer? 20 or 30?

martin answers:

First of all, heat & chemicals are hair’s worst enemies.

Second: Hair-straightening products are allowed to contain small concentrations of formaldehyde (0.2 percent). But several hair-straightening solutions have been found to contain well above the allowable limit. For example, one popular hair-straightening product that advertised itself as “formaldehyde-free” actually contained 6.8 percent to 11.8 percent formaldehyde.
Another example: Fourteen women, including two from North Texas and one from Houston, are suing Unilever, the maker of a product they claim caused permanent damage to their hair.
“It transforms frizzy, unmanageable hair into hair that’s sleeker and easier to style,” said the commercial for the Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion 30-Day Smoothing Kit, which is no longer being sold
When she began looking online for more information about the product, she said she found some people who said it worked, but more who said it damaged their hair.
She discovered a Facebook page devoted to angry consumers, and there are multiple postings on YouTube. I’ve been warning people about relaxers since 2009 and people are giving me thumbs down!
BTW: A variety of hair-straightening products used in professional salons can expose both hairdressers and their customers to formaldehyde. The results show that three professional hair-smoothing treatments labeled “formaldehyde free” can produce the cancer-causing chemical at concentrations above the occupational exposure limits set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. They tested four products: Coppola Keratin Complex Blonde Formula, Global Keratin Juvexin Optimized Functional Keratin, La Brasiliana Escluso Keratin Treatment with Collagen, and Brazilian Blowout Acai Professional Smoothing Solution. While ChemRisk tested four popular brands of hair straighteners, THERE ARE HUNDREDS on the market. Nov. 11-11

By contrast, beauty salon owners and stylists generally lack a scientific background and don’t have a keen awareness of the danger of working with products that contain formaldehyde, experts say.

Watch: Good Hair a documentary by Chris Rock 2009 on BET or HBO. According to Tyra Banks, 80% of the black population are part of the billion dollar hair industry. Clips on youtube videos, also.

Chemicals can enter the body through the skin.

Third: I do not recommend any more chemicals for your hair. If you read the following, you’re already @ risk for hair loss.
Personality & health risks.
There is a strong belief among some people that a person’s hair color can tell you some about their personality.  A new study out of Harvard suggests hair color can also tell you about a person’s health risks
Top doctors say you can tell a lot about a person’s health from their hair color:
-Blondes have a higher risk of melanoma, especially on their scalps, and should always wear a hat in direct sunlight.
-Brunettes are more likely to suffer from hair loss, and can help prevent it by getting enough iron (dark leafy vegetables are high in iron).
-And a Harvard study finds redheads may have a 90% greater chance of developing Parkinson’s Disease because of a specific gene mutation. Housecall for Health, I’m Colleen Cappon, FOX News Radio. 12-10-12

Lizzie asks…

does anybody know the names of the dog foods that can get your pet sick?

i herd on the news and tried going on the web site but i still dont know what pet foods can get your pet sick.

martin answers:

Here is dog food

Americas Choice, Preferred Pets
Best Choice
Big Bet
Big Red
Demoulas Market Basket
Food Lion
Giant Companion
Great Choice
Hill Country Fare
Laura Lynn
Loving Meals
Meijers Main Choice
Mighty Dog Pouch
Nutro Max
Nutro Natural Choice
Nutro Ultra
Ol’Roy Canada
Ol’Roy US
Pet Essentials
Pet Pride – Good n Meaty
Presidents Choice
Price Chopper
Priority Canada
Priority US
Roche Brothers
Save-A-Lot Choice Morsels
Shep Dog
Springsfield Prize
Stater Brothers
Stop & Shop Companion
Tops Companion
Wegmans Bruiser
Weis Total Pet
Western Family US
White Rose
Winn Dixie
Your Pet

Carol asks…

Why do so many kids dream of being authors now?

I mean I’m not one to talk I am 17 and would absolutely love to have a book published, I have since I can remember. I was in 3rd grade when I realized how natural it was for me. But now all of a sudden every little girl seems to throw a few words together, deem herself an exceptional writer, and thinks they will get published. Why?! I never ever noticed this before. It’s insane. What drags everyone to this now? It never seemed that big before.

martin answers:

You discovered you wanted to be a writer at 3rd grade to? Me as well, it started with my teacher giving me a notebook and a writing assignment. I fell in love, I wrote little stories, horrible I mind you, misspelled words and grammar was a mystery to me. The classmates that I tried to get to read them said it was and I quote ‘to long’ yes, a three page book with exceptionally big writing was to long, are you kidding me? You might be thinking that I need to get to a point, well here it is.

Those people who told me it was to long are now trying to be writers themselves. Why? Simply because it makes them look smart.

This is bad news for the real writers, more or less these people are competition.

Ruth asks…

How to make my 13 yo daughter into a wiser girl?

She’s a great girl, a sweetheart and when it comes to important things like school and duties she’s very responsible. Sh’s even an nonor student. But she’s say naive, sometimes she puts herself in dangerous situations and don’t realize. She never hurts anyone else, worries about other people, but do things like taking a ride with strangers. She did it yesterday, I got to know because she told me in a very natural way, and got got astounted when she noticed this shocked me.

What’s the best way to deal with this? Some parents told me I should give her a lesson, though not a severe one, but she’s a good girl, I’d hate to punish her. And we have an open wonderful relationship, which is not very common when it comes to girls her age. I wouldn’t like to damage it and promt her into hiding things from me.

And anyway, I don’t think she deserves a punishment.

martin answers:

Don’t punish her and don’t try to take her innocence away….and DEFINITELY keep her away from seeing all the crime stories/news just to educate her, that’s why YOU are here. You say you have a great, open with her about what could happen with strangers and how you don’t want to lose her. Just like you would show disapproval when she does make a bad decision in other situations, let her know how important it is that she doesn’t talk/ride with strangers. Let her know this periodically because children often forget. Talk to her, a little at a time, about bad people in the world…but please, balance it with talks about good people in the world. You will have to teach her to trust her gut instincts.

You’ve obviously done a great job with her, continue to be open with her and let her know how much you value your relationship with her.

Donna asks…

What’s your response to the Republican fallacy that all Conservatives are expert marksmen?

Conservatives always try to claim that by arming more people we’d have fewer crimes and accidental deaths because of guns. This fallacy relies on the assumption that all conservatives are expert marksmen – capable of out-shooting a police officer, special ops military personnel, etc. Anyone who has ever been to a firing range knows this is complete bulls**t and that most handgun owners have difficulty hitting anything that’s more than ten feet away.

What’s your response to the Republican fallacy that by listening to Limbaugh and watching FUX News you’ll instantly become an expert marksmen – capable of shooting the gun out of the bad guy’s hand from 50 feet away?

martin answers:

The notion is laughable.

Police department and military spend millions a year to train out the exact natural instincts and flaws that make the “average armed civilians” ineffective or even dangerous in such situations.

They do not understand EVEN IF YOU ARE AN EXPERT ON THE RANGE (which most are not) it is completely different shooting a human being in a chaotic stressful environment then it is shooting a paper target in a controlled environment.

Also unarmed civilians actually have a higher success rate at stopping crime. But they live in their fantasies when in reality those armed civilians would be on the ground crawling for their lives or frozen up like everyone else.

@head for the mountains- the general civilian population could never get enough training to deal effectively with such situations that is a full time job in and of itself. Don’t confuse your few week class with actual training.

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Robert asks…

How to survive an incoming thunder storm?

Sometimes the weather changes the news are telling us that some kind of weather. Also how to make a survival kit on how to survive on that day when the thunderstorm is here? The weather is also changing due to things that makes it change. I want to know how survive and protect my family, cause you never know when it is going to happen and if it is severe or not. And the news are really telling us something about the weather but you know that the weather changes, right? If it comes, I don’t know if me and my family are ready. The kid’s faces are going to be scared. All the kids, too. So, help me and my family, so we can survive the thunderstorms.

martin answers:

Some great links about being prepared for natural disasters and severe weather

Sharon asks…

What can I use instead of bug spray for ants?

This year there are so many ants in my kitchen and cupboards I don’t know how to get rid of them. I am trying not to use the bug spray they sell which will poison my environment. Does anyone have any other natural solutions without the sprays they sell? Is there another way to repel them?

martin answers:

I’ve always used Borax. Comon laundry helper Borax. Or boric acid. I place some on a piece of paper and spray it with honey water so they eat it. Some mix the Borax with water and honey and spray it where ther come in and at itnersections. They eat it and take it back to their nest and it kills them dead. I love ants but just not in my food. Do this outside so as not to attract them indoors. It’s just a matter of time before the colony dies and they stop coming in your home.

There are other methods to chase them away I’ve added a link to Mother Nature News that has 13 natural remedys. I’ve also looked up a video on Youtube to explain how to use it.


Happy Hunting

Mark asks…

Is there a prima facie argument against atheism drawn from tradition, the common consent of mankind both?

in the past and in the present time? I think so. There is a way in which it is natural for human beings to believe in God. I think of St. Thomas who on several occasions observed that a person need only look around at the world and gain the idea of God. The order and arrangement and lawlike character of natural events impose the idea. Indeed, so easily does the idea come that it seems almost innate.

martin answers:

We can tell when you’re copying text and pasting it:

Specifically, this (it’s about 10 paragraphs down):

Is there thus a prima facie argument against atheism drawn from tradition, the common consent of mankind both in the past and in the present time? I think so. There is a way in which it is natural for human beings to believe in God. I think of St. Thomas who on several occasions observed that a person need only look around at the world and gain the idea of God. The order and arrangement and lawlike character of natural events impose the idea. Indeed, so easily does the idea come that it seems almost innate.

Steven asks…

Is it true that splenda sugar substitute is made from chlorine?

this was on the news for maybe 2 days then it went away and never herd about it again. Splenda syas its made from sugar but there was a big thing about it but it just went away.

martin answers:

The sucralose in Splenda is, in fact, a synthetic chemical that contains chlorine, something that no natural sugar contains.

Joseph asks…

Why some some circumcised people like to make fun of uncircumcised males?

Are they jealous of people who weren’t mutilated? I like my intact penis and don’t care what anyone else has to say. It is not a doggy dick or an anteater. It is a natural penis! I live in the UK, where everyone else is “intact” so I don’t feel embarressed by not being mutilated, however I know that this happens in the US.

martin answers:

It is a real thing that happens. So many of these discussion boards have MEN (that are apparently circumcised at birth) say that a natural penis is nasty, foul, full of disease… How would these men possibly know that? THEY DON”T, because that is BS, a natural penis can be clean, and is healthier than one missing parts. They also say it looks ugly. Why are they considering the look of another guys penis?????

This is a propaganda campaign waged mostly by people trying to justify the harm that was done to them.

There is a need for Americans to catch up with the rest of the advanced world, that DOES NOT do this to baby boys. The foreskin is not just skin and does not just protect the glans(head). Circumcision is now known to ablate the most sensitive parts of the male genitals. This surgery takes away the main male pleasure zones with about 20000 fine touch and stretch nerve endings amputated. The foreskin has several parts including the ridged band that is great for ones pleasure (that is why nutters like Kellogg wanted to chop em off, to curtail masturbation), Masturbation is important for a mans physical and mental health. The ridged band directly contacts the vagina for very great pleasure all around. The dynamics of sex and the actual mechanism of the penis are drastically changed by circumcision. The foreskin can normally be slipped all the way, or almost all the way, back to the base of the penis, and also slipped forward beyond the glans. This wide range of motion is the mechanism by which the penis and the orgasmic triggers in the foreskin, frenulum, and glans are stimulated. The only touch organ possessing as rich erogenous innervation as the foreskin is the clitoris. Circumcision deprives man of 2/3ds of the main erogenous zone constituted of the foreskin and the glans.

Even with all of the BS, myth, misinformation and mean make fun propaganda,. America, boys are finding out that they have been harmed. Some are really upset, because some percentage of men that have been cut have premature ejaculation issues caused by the scar — the most sensitive part of the penis after cut. Some have a curved penis and many a tight painful erection. Most will get ED at a much younger age than natural men (circumcised men consume most of the VIAGRA). The many many problems are only now being discussed, because of the internet. All get the news that they have lost significant pleasure because of what their parents did. Some want to sue. People need to face this as a problem that should not be passed to the next generation.

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Sandra asks…

What Happened With The Gulf Oil Spill – Quick Summary Please?

Was away and haven’t checked the news for about a week. However, google news only has follow-up articles, and i can’t sort out the wheat from the chaff.

Could someone please give a brief summary of the gulf oil spill and how much permanent damage has been incurred?

martin answers:

Basically from what i can tell the blowout preventer (BOP) in the well that is designed to contain fluids from the well did not work properly. They well had just been drilled to depth and was preparing for completion or direct production when a large gas kick (large amounts of natural gas from thousands of feet deep) shot up the well displacing the fluid column in the well.

Offshore regulations are extremely strict, in order to prevent situations like this. What has happened here is a freak accident, especially since the Original BOP (blow out preventer) test results came back positive. Testing this equiptment is required on every well ever drilled basically if you as a rig worker don’t want to die…. You will test this BOP. They would have NEVER EVER have attempted to displace the mud column in the wellbore if the BOP test did not come back positive. These rig workers know that their life is in their hands in situations such as these. Once again this was a freak accident on a relatively new rig with competent workers and over engineered equipment.

Once the the gas shot out over the rig, it was too late. Any spark, even static electricity would ignite a fireball that would nearly engulf the rig and ,unfortunately, the 11 workers who lost their lives.

Once lit the rig was doomed to burn to the waterline.

Stopping the flow of the oil from the tangled wreck of a rig a mile underwater is a HUGE engineering feat. Especially since the danger of fire on surface is huge as fumes off the water where the rig once was can still be flammable.

Mary asks…

How best to deal with lice on my daughter?

My 3 year old got sent home from daycare today with 3 lice eggs – I got told the general location but as hard as I look I cant find them – I have just washed her hair in a natural lice mousse and am about to start combing but if I couldnt even find them in dry hair how do I know if I have got them all or not? Any suggestions would be greatfully accepted as Ive never had to deal with this before.

martin answers:

Lice….bad news. You not only have to treat your daughter, but you have to treat your whole home! Wash all linens in hot water to kill them (remember, lice can live off the human body for 7 days), all linens vacuum all carpets…..also, put any of her stuffed animals that you can’t wash in plastic garbage bags, seal them up, and leave them in there for 2 weeks I think….Good Luck!

I have added a resource for you, it uses Adobe. Also, CUTTING HER HAIR OFF IS NOT THE SOLUTION

Paul asks…

How can a lone man find a good female friend near to his city without much hassel.?

I mean where both have common need and depart readily through mutual consent. No commercial aspect , no professionals. Just natural
and honest relationship.

martin answers:

Through ur regional news paper ad live-in-relation..

Ken asks…

Why should India host any major international sports event in future?

Mr Kalmadi, (& Co) you have let all of India down in front of the world. I was reading some prominent international news websites and all of them have highlighted the mess in Delhi in headlines. What is more sad is the comments that people have put on the sites insulting India. I can’t mention the kind of words they have used for India. Well it is not their fault we have made a fool of ourselves in front of them.

martin answers:

If Only government of India n its sports ministry can organize major international sports event Without Corruption n mange properly than it will be continues to organize major international sports event..!
Thus the difficulty for India for hosting such events seems to be due to corruption and inefficiency on the part of organizers and planners and not because India is poor or lacking people / manpower to do the necessary work properly and in time
Major international sports event helps in:
1.major international sports event increase level of all sports (which may not so popular or attentive), providing best sporting facilities (which not available in india,n not possible to come with out this event), awareness of sport ,preparation for Olympic and other international platform where players percent their nation..! Medal of these event gives kind of national pride and the nation,player…got international recognizability. enhance the cooperation between its member associations in defending sport and the professional interest of their members. strengthen the friendship, solidarity and common interests between sports journalists of all countries. assure the best possible working conditions for the members.
5.This paper reports the results of an economic impact assessment of six major sports events.
6.Major sports events are now regarded by many cities as a significant part of their tourism strategy. However, staging a major sports event normally involves the host city making a contribution to the costs. Whether such a contribution is justified depends on the economic benefits generated in the local economy.
6.An attempt is made to develop a typology of major sports events in terms of their potential to generate significant economic impact.

Since the establishment of the Olympics, most serial multi-sport events have been organized for specific audiences and participating countries or communities:
1.regional, such as the East Asian Games and the South American Games
2.political, such as the Spartakiad and the GANEFO
3.historic or historicultural roots, such as the Commonwealth Games (for members of the Commonwealth of Nations) and the Jeux de la Francophonie (for members of La Francophonie)
4.ethnocultural or ethnoreligious, such as the Pan-Armenian Games (for ethnic communities of Armenians both in Armenia and in other countries) and the Maccabiah Games (for communities of Jews of both ethnic and religious origins)
5.religious, such as the Islamic Solidarity Games and the previously mentioned Maccabiah Games
occupational, such as the Military World Games, the World Police and Fire Games and the Universiade
6.physical structure, such as the Paralympics, the Deaflympics and the Special Olympics World Games
7.human age, such as the World Masters Games, Commonwealth Youth Games and the Senior Olympics
8.gender and sexual orientation, such as the Women’s Islamic Games and the Gay Games

Some people (including a number of Indians in position of power) are saying now, after the recent controversy and lack of preparedness involving Commonwealth Games in Delhi, that India is quite poor and not ready for hosting major events like CWG. Moreover, according to them, the hosting of such events (CWG etc.) should be left to countries like UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and India should instead concentrate on feeding its hungry population.

First of all, the present mess (controversy and lack of timely preparation etc. For these games) is the result of corruption and inefficiency in high circles and organizers and not due to “poverty” in the country or people starving in India or even the caste system (for which politicians usually promote and increase caste quotas).

Secondly, if smaller countries (UK and New Zealand with lesser manpower base and fewer natural resources, and Canada and Australia with smaller population base) seem ready and are able to host such international events very easily and efficiently, then why not India which has a huge population / manpower base and is quite rich in natural resources?

Daniel asks…

Whats the deal with the enviromentalists wanting to get rid of water?

Is this the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard or what? How would people live without water? What the h*ell is their problem wanting such a stupid thing?

If you haven’t heard about this you should look on the news.

martin answers:

I know about all these environmentalist wackos
they try to stop boats from existing because of “mannatees”
they try to stop you from driving a car because “we are causing global warming” when there is no evidence
they want us to stop using anything besides “natural power”
well here are some stats
epcot in disney has a ride that is run by completely solar power
but it uses so much
that is the whole park was to be run by solar power, then you would have to triple the size of the park and fill it all with panels
to reduce oil consuption by 25-50 percent
the whole country would have to grow corn…every acre

it is just insane
if my grandmother’s cat kills a mouse, it is called nature
if i kill a mouse
it is called a disruption of nature

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Ruth asks…

I have an ovarian cyst and tiny breast cysts. Is there anyway I can balance my hormones and get rid of them?

I have a cyst in each of my ovary. My periods are regular and I dont have much pms. Also, I do not have thyroid problem. I want to know some natural home remedies to help balance my hormones. I think they whacked out because of stress.

martin answers:

Hello, it sounds like you may have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom). The symtoms that you are describing are symptoms of PCOS: Ovarian cysts & hormone imbalance. Some other symtoms (not sure if you have them) are: trouble losing weight, some hair loss, darker hair growth on face and / or arms, and sometimes irregular periods, also infertility or trouble conceiving. Doctors will usually prescibe a diabetic medication called Metformin for treating PCOS because in a lot of cases people w/ this develope Diabetes later on. The medication can assist in weight loss. Weight loss is the key to balancing your hormones and putting these symptoms at bay. You should talk to your doctor. Hope this might help.

Nancy asks…

Are there any natural ways to deal with depression?

I’ve been dealing with depression off and on for a long time(every couple months for a few days). I think a lot of it comes from not having a girlfriend. I don’t think My social binge drinking helps either. Are there any natural ways to help with my depression.

martin answers:

Exercise everyday and eat healthy foods with a balanced diet.

Laura asks…

What is the balance between the Christian life of the mind and life of the Spirit?

Where is the balance between being taken over by the Holy Spirit and going through a renewal of the mind through knowledge.

How much work does God do and how much do we do?

How much effort to change do you put in and how much does the Spirit break strongholds?

martin answers:

This is easy to answer, if you obey Scripture and again, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and ALL these things will be added unto you!” Always remember the invisible Kingdom of Christ is in the east and future but it is NOT taught in many churches so you have very weak Christians because of this. If you stand and face east, you are facing the invisible Kingdom WITH a Clear Conscience. If you turn and face west, the natural mind is in control of your thinking. For example, Yesterday, both Christians and non Christians were focused on the Super bowl. What this tells me, is all the Christians “were thinking” naturally because the S bowl is part of the American culture. To celebrate any THING in the culture, you NATURAL MIND, must be in control of your thought life. Because I face east in my heart most of the time, Americans and Christians, DO NOT want to talk about Kingdom stuff BUT natural minded stuff and that bugs the hell out of me. If you would like proof of this look at the American political arena. Are NOT all Republicans FACING EAST all the time? That’s because of the Spirit of God. All Democrats face West AND ARE NATAURALL MINDED IDIOTS who desire to rule the spiritually minded..

Lizzie asks…

what is the best and most natural way to cure a yeast infection?

I just recently got a yeast infection when my husband took some antibotics and I am looking to find a natural cure for it for both of us.

martin answers:

The symptoms (you may not experience all of them):
- white cottage cheese-like discharge
- some odor
- dryness (can cause bleeding)
- digestive problems
- itchiness
- burning urination
- painful intercourse
- a feeling of just not being “normal”

Here are some safe, natural cures you can implement.

- avoid scented soaps
- avoid sugars and complex carbs for a week
- air out the infected area while you’re sleeping at night
- add grapefruit extract to your water during the day (balances hormones)
- eat probiotics like cottage cheese and yogurt
- shower frequently
-drink lots of water and eat plenty of fiber to flush the infection

For more cures, check out the link below:

Jenny asks…

Does anyone know of a good shampoo made from all natural products that actually work?

I have very long hair that gets very greasy on top, and dry towards the ends. For whatever reason my scalp has been irritated and almost breaking out lately. I’m chalking it up to potentially irritating ingredients in my shampoo- maybe trying something to calm and balance that does not contain any irritants? Does anyone know of a good shampoo I should try?

martin answers:

Herbal Essences or Shampoo and Conditioner from The Body Shop. Plus I think you should wash your hair more often and like scrub it in hard but just not too hard. That what happened to my hair too….

The Body Shop

Herbal Essences

Or you could find some homemade recipes on the internet for the hair.


Happy Hair Cleaning!!

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David asks…

Are Candles Really Hazardous To A Persons Health?

I read this in the news some time back.
Then thought, well there is a long term burn of chemicals.
And why is it so hard to find soy candles?
I got one at a festival once and loved it.
And one more thing… is “Party-lite” a rip off?

martin answers:

The candles that most stores sell are made of paraffin. Paraffin comes from crude oil and releases 16 known carcinogens when burned. If the candle was made in China it probably has a lead core in the wick. There are soy and soy blend candles that are natural and non-toxic.

Party-Lite is not a rip off if you don’t mind doing parties all the time. I have only been to one several years ago and I love their candle holders, but all the candles were made from paraffin.

Lisa asks…

Are you afraid of the changes that President Obama is trying to make in this country?

I am! And I am starting to become wary that the news media won’t ever tell the truth because they love him so much!

martin answers:

Those that answered no, I have to suspect are either living at home or in school and never held a job or paid bills.

Currently there is a 25% consumption tax in the works, that is every man woman and child that buys something will pay an additional 25% tax, I guess that is only taxing the rich!

He s pushing the tax on farmers that will raise the cost of food for every man women and child in the country, again only taxing the rich?

What about his attempt to push through bills that will cause the price of heating oil, natural gas and electricity to double in cost.

The sadest part of all this is there are still these mindless people out there still spouting he’s only going to tax the rich.

Mandy asks…

Why does the media tend to favor Democrats and Liberals?

A lot has been said about how the media helped Obama get elected. I watched quite a bit and I tend to agree, they love him. But, he is not the 1st Democrat they loved. Bill Clinton was also generally cast in a positive image by the media. Negative things about them usually is the 4th or 5th story, but let any Republican do something, and that is breaking news.

Based on facts, what does the Democratic party do that is so great for the media? Was there a historic decision or some legislation that caused them to lean Democrat?

martin answers:

I am not sure of the precise percentages but I believe that members of the mass media are something like 80% liberal. This goes right up through editors and producers. That is their view of the world. No legislation no great decision just their natural tendencies.

Charles asks…

Why are there so many natural disasters happening?

I know there are always natural disasters happening but in the last few years it seems like they are all getting much worse and there are more of them.

Is there a scientific explanation for this? Is there some sort of major change happening in the earth or is this a normal cycle??

Thank you

martin answers:

So many relative to what? There is nothing abnormal happening.

You said it in your question: “…in the last few years it seems like they are all getting much worse and there are more of them.” – the key word here is *SEEMS* – it seems like they are getting worse, but they are not. Why? In short, because of the internet and the 24-hour news cycle. You just hear about them more often.

That’s really all there is to it, except for earthquakes. With earthquakes, if we are actually detecting more than we used to it’s because there are more seismic monitoring instruments out there, and more sensitive seismic monitoring instruments out there, than there used to be.

Chris asks…

What do you think of the rise in mixed race population in Britain?

i think its sad a thing, its racial genocide if it continues on. Ethnic white Brits will become minority if this continues along with the mass immigration from foreign countries. Ethnic Brits should be encouraged to breed with their own as well as have some pride in their race and culture instead of allowing others to walk all over them.

martin answers:

Yeah it’s something that I feel extremely bad about and I have no English, Welsh, Scots or Irish Ancestry. Britain was never a nation that practiced multiculturalism and racial mixing, and actually that was something that made her a truly great nation and empire. Britain is also responsible for many of Europe’s most gifted artists, scientists, and musicians. The same is true to an extent of her cousin, Germany.

North Western and Central Europe is one of the last bastions of the white race. Before then, you could say that Greece and then later Rome were the cultural centers if Europe, but then they fell and in part it was due to racial mixing with other populations. The Roman economy was heavily dependent of slavery and slaves taken from conquest. A similar thing happened not to long ago with Portugal.

Racial mixing changes the character of a people. I think it dilutes what makes them truly special. It’s not even a conjecture because we have historical examples and proofs like I mentioned above. It’s an unfortunate thing, but it is natural law, and it doesn’t care about human feelings or emotions.

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Robert asks…

How to take a good photograph without natural light?

I have an Olympus E-410, and I need to take photographs inside rooms where there is limited natural light (mostly fluorescent lighting). So far the outcomes are mostly blurry, what settings should I change in order to get a better, clearer photograph? Any other tips would be appreciated.


martin answers:

First you should concentrate on your white balance. Invest in a gray card, or even a piece of white paper (from your printer for example) does an excellent job..


Refer to your user manual on manually setting white balance.

Tips on achieving a blur free image are standard no matter if you are shooting indoors or outdoors. Either up your ISO, open your aperture more, increase the shutter speed and/or use a tripod. If you are using a lens that has a maximum aperture of say f/4 then you are going to either have to up the ISO to a high level (thus increasing the noise in the image) or do the wise thing and invest in a new prime lens with a wide aperture. I will not shoot indoors without flash with any lens with an aperture of less than f/1.8.


Paul asks…

Why is my puppy so sick after throwing up?

Just rescued a 13 week old retriever mix. He has eaten natural balance puppy food since he was born and I continued to feed him natural balance once rescued. Today, he went to my parents house and got into their dogs bowl of beneful dog food.

When he got home he threw up two or three times and since then has not gagged or anything but he is very tired and seems weak. I tried getting him to eat rice or drink water to rehydrate but he just won’t.

He has all his shots and saw a vet 6 days ago and was completely healthy. Is this something that will blow over or is it something to be concerned about?

I’m just worried about him rehydrating more than anything.

martin answers:

If he still won’t drink by tomorrow afternoon, take him to the vet to get some fluids in him.. This will more than likely pass tho.. I know I definitely don’t want to drink or eat anything when I have an upset stomach.

Michael asks…

Which among these cat foods are the best?

*These are all wet food cause i already have Wellness cat food for dry.
So which among these are the best wet foods and please rank them by quality.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness
Nature’s Variety
Natural Balance
Taste of the Wild

*I currently feed my cat Wellness Dry and Felidae Wet i just leave him with a few amounts of dry food when i am away for a while and every day i give him Felidae twice a day and the can lasts for about 3 days.

*** Please rank them like
2. Felidae
… TY!

martin answers:

Actually, those are all good brands. The important thing is whether or not your cat will eat it. I’ve had my cats turned their noses up at premium wet foods. Felidae is a perfectly good food if your cat likes it.

Helen asks…

Why does my dog shed so much?

I have an 8 year old 50 lb lab mix who sheds NON-STOP. I take her to the groomers for the special deshedding bath/hair removal and after that, she is shedless….but two days later, it’s back to normal. I feed her Natural Balance and have her on Shed Terminator vitamins (which give her horrible gas). I also bought a “zoom zoom” and use that but the hair just doesn’t stop coming! I’m going insane! Any suggestions, please?
she doesn’t just shed in the spring. she sheds in the winter the same amount. guess i’ll just have to deal with the dog hair.

martin answers:

Because your dog is a high shedding dog.
Those foods and vitamins do not stop shedding, it just helps slow it down a bit.
There is NOTHING that will stop a shedding dog from doing so, except constant brushing.

Carol asks…

How long does it take for natural hair to restore?

I want to know how long does it take for natural hair to grow back. I have curly hair well, use to have curly hair. But then I began straightening my hair every day, since last Feb, and it has messed my hair up! My hair now is curly but weak curls and thin curls and ugly thin straight hair mixed! I used to have bouncy thick curly hair. I know I have to stop straightening my hair, but I am just wondering how long does it take.

martin answers:

Your hair may be the fastest-growing tissue in the body but, unlike the skin, it cannot repair itself. That is why getting the right balance of vitamins and proteins is imperative. Don’t expect to look like you’ve stepped out of a hair commercial the day after you’ve changed your diet. It is likely to take at least three months before you actually see tangible results.

If you’ve straightened your hair in the past, it may grow slowly or none at all.
Google: “Foods for Healthy Hair”

Growing healthy hair doesn’t come from a bottle or pills and hair products do not speed hair growth. Any hair oil, is another form to keep hair moisturized, nothing more. If you’re in HS, your hair & nails should be growing normally, and as healthily as possible, since you’re eating healthy foods. But when hair isn’t growing as fast, it’s because they’ve been tampered with: chemicals, hair straightening, etc. . .

You USED to have bouncy thick curly hair? You will get that again, if you stopped abusing your hair. The hair industry is a billion dollar business, they sell products that cleans & condition the hair. They also sell products that damage and causes hair loss. They also DO NOT give money back guarantee for damaged hair or hair loss due to ‘abuse’. I have done that, too, in the 80′s & 90′s. Look @ my hair now, like it USED to be.

I know hair. I have over 4 decades of hair know-how. I have silky, shiny, soft, smooth very healthy hair down to my knees. Previously damaged by perming & dyeing in the 80′s & 90′s. I’ve known people in their 30′s whose hair stopped growing from ironing their hair in the 70′s. I don’t even use conditioner for over 15 years. We have soft water. When traveling, I briefly rinse with bottled water.

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Lisa asks…

If I studied Law In England, would I be able to become a Lawyer in New Zealand?

Currently I study Business Studies at University in England, but seem to have a natural flare for Contract Law and was thinking of switching. I plan to emigrate to NZ or Australia (already being a citizen) after Uni but also have the freedom to move around and i don’t want to move into a profession which restricts that. I know NZ, USA and Aus’ all follow the English Common Law system hence the question.

martin answers:

You are going to need more than “a natural flare” to be in the vocational field of Law – you are also going to need a lot of money and/or know some very important politicians.

It is best to go to law school where you intend to practice.

Stay with Business Studies.

Please be aware of what you are proposing on getting yourself into. Please do more research first.

Reminder: We are in a World-wide Recession. Consider career paths that have available jobs.<<<< Jobs in the field of Law are drying up fast!! This is just not a good field to invest time and/or money into. This is a SHRINKING, crumbling, and dying vocational field. Many reasons. Many people today (mistakenly) think they can do their own legal work, thanks to the Internet. Also, we simply already have way too many Legal Professionals – we have an absolute glut!! (“Legal Professionals” includes, but is not limited to: Attorneys/Lawyers, Paralegals, Legal Assistants, Legal Secretaries, Bailiffs, Court Reporters, etc, etc)

Employers (usually law firms) in the field of Law today want employees with degrees from traditional colleges/universities. Those “certificates” you see advertised aren’t worth the paper they are printed on – they are generally scams. (I found this out the hard way.)

Cost of law school to be lawyer, approx $150,000+.
Be prepared to take on a lot of debt.<<<<<

Even if you finish law school, you won't be able to find a job when you are done. Since this vocational field is shrinking, many new attorneys/lawyers are, themselves, having to work "down" as Paralegals, Legal Assistants, Legal Secretaries, Bailiffs, Court Reporters, etc, etc, to simply try to keep some of their bills paid <that the job market/economy is just saturated with way too many Legal Professionals. Instead the schools will feed you a fairytale and will lie to you. The root of the problem is we have too many law schools. We are in a recession, and the schools are fighting for their own survival – they will tell students anything to get to the students’ money. (Which is why they won’t tell you the truth about the job market for the field of Law.) And these schools continue to recruit and churn out even more graduates………….Remember: law schools are BUSINESSES – their top concern is making money for themselves.

If you don’t believe me, then just do a search here on Yahoo Answers to see what other posters are saying about the current status of the field of Law. Call some local law firms – ask to speak to the Manager of Human Resources – ask them if they are hiring; ask them what they think about job availability in the field of Law………………

In the book “So You Want to be a Lawyer?” by Marianne Calabrese and Susanne Calabrese (ISBN 0-88391-136-1): “The United States has more lawyers than any other country in the world. About 38,000 students graduate >each year>>Healthcare or Information Technology! I spoke to a career counselor from Jobs and Family Services, and HE told me that these areas are where the jobs are, and future job availability! And scholarships!

Good luck.

(This is based on my current knowledge, information, belief, and life experiences. This was intended as personal opinion, and not intended to be used as legal advice. Please be careful and do your research.)

Donna asks…

Will the earth get warmer or colder with in the next 50 years?

All environmental and historical data leads to the conclusion that we are due for another ice age. Yet the focus of most people is pointed toward global warming. The earth has many natural cycles where the climate changes from warmer to cooler and then cooler to warmer. Some of these cycles are very long some are quite short. And some bring about mild changes in climate while other cycles bring abrupt and extreme changes. I would just like your opinion and why. Thanks for your answers.

martin answers:

Your correct….if you read up and do your homework…we are on a Cooling trend NOT a Warming…….Global Warming is the Democrats that have nothing else to talk about…so they make something up and make a huge deal about it. The earth has gone through these types of changes for billions of years….none of this is any news at all…..yet Al Gore gets a Nobel Peace Prize…..pathectic:(

Laura asks…

Where are some good guides on building an underground shelter/dugout that can be inhabited?

I want to build an underground shelter big enough to put a bed, table, chairs and a few cupboards. I want to have a wood fire stove with a chimney and possibly some ventilation pipes. I don’t want to be spending much on this other than hard work. I will use natural resources available in the area. Are there any good guides online for this kind of thing?

martin answers:

Mother earth news,
had a article, on a Igloo, type of structure,, safe from tornado’s,
they used, grain bags,, that were reenforced webbed plasic,type,,
they filled them up,, half way full, as they wanted them too lay flat,,
filled them with fine road rock,, as the bags are water resistant,,
after they got done, doing the igloo, they covered it with dirt,, with a vent on tip,
for a wood furnace, and they did put a pipe, at the bottom of the igloo,, for incoming air,,
they used bug screen over it,, too keep out, the buggs, and rodents,, from going into the air pipe.
Wish i know what month, and but it was like , last year, the issue was,
I had been thinking about building it.

Chris asks…

Can someone explain to me what is the significance of commonwealth nations is?

hi i was just reading the news and saw that Rwanda was included as a commonwealth country and that now there are 54 countries in the commonwealth. One thing i don’t understand is that how is commonwealth relevant to the current social and political structure. in a sense that take EU for example, there is a lot of trade, military and economic ties. With commonwealth i just don’t get whats the point of it.

martin answers:

It basically means that those 54 countries, due to the history of the empire, have close ties, and will help eachother where ever possible.

In more affluent member nations such as the UK and Australlia, this will obviously be less significant, but to smaler member states, such as Jamaica, if they get into trouble (war, natural disasters ect.) it will really be benefitial.

The more ties a country has, the safer it is. The commonwealth can look scary to outsiders and therefore prevent attacks,wars etc.

Overall, it’s to help out eachother, especially the poorer nations.

David asks…

What would make 60 birds suddenly die at the same time?

Hi everybody. On the local evening news tonight they said 60 birds suddenly died downtown. After inspecting some of the birds, they found nothing unusual and the cause could not be determined. There wasn’t an unusual smell and nobody saw anything odd in the sky or around the area that they birds died. Does anybody have any theories as to what could have caused their deaths? Has this ever happened anywhere else before? I live in Texas. Thanks for helping.

martin answers:

Birds are much more susceptible to airborne gasses and lack of oxygen than we are. That’s why they used caged canaries in mines to tell when the air was getting bad for the minors. It could have been a clorine or natural gas leak, or just a thermal inversion or “bubble” of air pollution. Maybe they were depressed and just flew into the ground…

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Donald asks…

How do you get makeup to look natural for a tween?

I am 13, and act a lot. Every Saturday, I have 4 hours of acting downtown Chicago, and I have to wear makeup. I have a red face, so I wear foundation, but then it doesn’t look natural! How should I balance it out?

martin answers:

1. Put on a primer
2.put concealer on red spots ( it would be good if it was green corrective concealer. Ex: costal scents or elf)
3. Neutrogena healthy skin foundation is also really good and actuallt improves skin.

Im a model an actor so im around makeup alot. Put on a a concealer, foundation, and some mascara and ur good to go :)

Betty asks…

Which dry cat food do you recommend?

My cat eats a diet of canned food but I do give him a little dry food during the day. He’s been on the Wellness kitten and Core mixed and seems to be getting tired of it. Any good suggestion’s what to try? Natural Balance or California Natural? Thanks.

martin answers:

Wellness is a great food. A similar dry food is Evo. It also has no grains and is very close to a raw food diet.

Add- I believe Wellness core protein formula has the highest protein of dry cat foods, at 50%.

Steven asks…

What is the best natural diet to go on if you want six pack abs?

What is the best natural diet to go on if you want six pack abs? I would appreciate if you told me how many meals to eat, what time to eat the meal, and what should be in the meal. Please dont tell me about any pills or protein shakes or protein powders because i dont like doing that kind of artificial stuff. Thanks in advance.

martin answers:

Break your meals up into 6 small meals a day. As far as diet, it’s common sense stuff, if it seems like you shouldn’t eat something, you probably shouldn’t eat it. Just make sure you have a balanced diet that is relatively low in fat. Run/ jog/walk in the morning before you eat if possible while your body is in a naturally hypoglycemic state, experts say this is when you are most likely to burn up fat stores. Other than that a good regular weightlifting routine is essential. Make sure you are tightening your core muscles when you do all exercises, don’t cheat! If you put on enough muscle your body will burn off more fat naturally. With a combination of diet and exercise you should get those abs eventually, but don’t be discouraged, it takes awhile for some people.

William asks…

What are the best natural infertility remedies available?

There seems to be a lot of natural infertility remedies available but are there any that actually work?

martin answers:

I am afraid not. Simply stick to a balanced diet and target intercourse for your most fertile days.

Chris asks…

What maintains the balance of the composition in the air?

I need to find out What maintains the balance of the composition in the air, for my science homework which is due tomorrow!
Any help?

martin answers:

OK let’s ignore the actions of man for a minute.
Plants trees etc use chlorophyll to convert carbon dioxide into cellulose and oxygen. The oxygen is emitted into the atmosphere, and carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere.
Animals and fish etc, then reverse the process they use oxygen and emit carbon dioxide.So there is a natural cycle.
Man then burns fossil fuels for which there is no balancing equation. The result is increasing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, possibly leading to global warming. You decide.

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Mark asks…

Is their a threat of nuclear fall out or radiation in Taiwan?

I have a family member teaching in Taiwan and I was just curious if there is a threat of nuclear fall out or radiation exposure from the horrible Japanese disaster? If so would it be big enough that she should come back to America? PS Please pray for Japan as this seems like one of the worst natural disasters in long time. I also have friends from Japan that I have not heard from pray for them as well.

martin answers:

The answer is far too complex for this forum. The best way to understand is to access first-person, credible information sources, read them thoroughly and use your critical thinking skills. There is a real problem around this disaster with failing to evaluate the source of info and the credibility of the author.

Example: An article from an MIT doctor ‘why I’m not worried about fukushima’ has been widely circulated as the voice of reason. If you go back to that article the SOURCE is clearly stated: the association of japanese nuclear power producers (the companies that are financially responsible in case negligence is established later). The AUTHOR has a doctorate in corporate risk analysis, not nuclear energy.

Example: The graphic radiation map showing doses of 750 rads on the west US coast. Hello. It comes from godlike productions. No sources for info are cited. That should be enough to ignore it.

The MIT article is not a credible source of expert opinion. Bloggers are not credible sources. Youtube is not a credible source. Neither are bean-counters or corporate press releases.

Credible sources include qualified experts whose credentials are relevant and can be confirmed, international oversight agencies, US scientific agencies, like the NOAA and USGS, and international news agencies like bbc and reuters.

See the links to legitimate info sources below. Read. Think. Discuss. You will have a more balanced grasp of things and be prepared to critically evaluate BOTH the feel-good propaganda AND the hysterical ranting.
The International Atomic Energy Association’s Incident and Emergency Centre with regularly updated reports on nuclear and radiological events, including security and disaster related events.


A very specific description of the Int’l Nuclear Event Scale (like Richter scale) that specifies exposure levels, methods of exposure and scales against previous events (Chernobyl etc). You’ll hear newscasters throwing around these numbers.


Site for environmental health care professionals; this links to a post-Chernobyl research review on the efficacy of recent radiation treatments, breaking down the studies scientifically and reporting on the results. 3-part series.


Link to BBC live Japan feed, which also includes info on the international response not being covered in US (Example: EU will review all 143 nuke plants in europe by end of summer and shut down those that don’t meet new higher safety standards; Germany has already decommissioned one plant and is in process of dismantling a second.)

Last, the website is fringy but you can’t argue with the authors credentials, which can be CONFIRMED. Stoneleigh’s master thesis at Warwick University in Coventry, England, was nuclear safety research. Later a research Fellow at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, where her research field was power systems, with a specific focus on nuclear safety in Eastern Europe. The monograph she wrote sets the nuclear safety debate in the political and economic context of the collapse of the Soviet Union. It looks at the technical aspects of nuclear safety, safety upgrade programs, safety culture and the human factor, regulation at all levels and bargaining over reactor closures.

Start here with Stoneleigh’s article from Mar 13, pieces of which have since been confirmed in the mainstream press. She steps you through atomic energy 101, the history of maintenance and safety violations at Fukushima, the known cover-ups (one Fukushima executive committed suicide a couple of years ago after Japan discovered they were hiding a low-level leak in cooling system), the physical layout of the plant, the difference between Fukushima and Chernobyl, the most likely scenario (BTW she named on Mar 13 every step that’s been taken and in the order they’ve taken it). Subsequent updates afford a BALANCED view of current safety risks. This is a must-read:…

Charles asks…

Can you use human food coloring on dog treats?

It is ASPCA Day on April 10th and I am hoping to be able to make dog treats and bring them to my local humane society. I was wondering (since ASPCA is ALL orange) can I use some orange food coloring (human) on the dog treats I plan to make? Or is there a natural way I can get such as carrots. How can I do that if I need to do natural?


martin answers:

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen dog food with food coloring so I don’t think it would hurt- there was a news story about a woman coloring her dog pink with food coloring and getting a fine- strange but that could be further evidence that it can’t be that harmful

Donna asks…

How to cure a fever without using too much medicine?

I just read a news report about fever curing, and according to the report, medicine causes the fever to worsen and it leads to several other serious diseases related to our brain. If fever below 41 degree Celsius could be cured using the medicine-less method, then how about those above 40 degree (since medicine was that much of a harm than good)?

martin answers:

David is quite right, but the answer goes a bit further than that. Up to about 38.3 to 38.8 degrees [101 to 102 F], the fever is helping to kill whatever organism is infecting your body. However, after that the fever ceases to be helpful and can be lowered.

Medications that lower fever are not making the fever worse, they just interfere with your body’s natural immune response and so it takes longer to get rid of whatever is causing the problem. However, this only works up to the temperature that I cited above.

Mary asks…

Why do some current politicians appose the global warming dilemma?

Growing up in the 90′s , natural resource conservation and the importance of recycling was a big point of topic that politicians along with the education system encourage in our schools. Growing up i never once doubted global warming or its effects it would bring about, such as the depletion of the ozone layer, but it seems that now a days this topic is no longer important in our schools and kids now a days don’t know nothing about this particular dilemma. Has special interests groups infiltrated our schools?

martin answers:

Not sure how you oppose a dilemma. Maybe there is a way to “appose” one.

Part of the reason (though, in my view, not the main part) why anti-science denial of human-caused climate change has proliferated in recent years is the growing use of the internet, and how any idiot can flood it with lies, at will and without personal consequences.

Some additional background is here:

James asks…

Can you legally sue stupid people for stressing you out?

I mean, just today there was a news item about this girl who was allergic to school. It made her break out in hives. I’m allergic to stupid people. They make me all twitchy and nervous and stressed out, which hurts my health. I want to sue them. What do you think of the odds of getting a good attourney to handle this on contingency?

martin answers:

You would pretty much spend every moment of every day of your natural life in a courtroom. There is no shortage of stupid people. Likewise then continue to reproduce creating a fresh supply of stupid people.

It would be an exercise in futility I am afraid. Stupid don’t stress me out, they don’t have the mental capacity to effect my mood.

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Carol asks…

What is the meaning of “fifty and four-tenths percent”?

Could you tell me what the figure “fifty and four-tenths percent” means? Is it the same as 50.4%? If so, is it natural to put it this way? Thank you.

Women also earned fifty and four-tenths percent of the doctorate degrees. The Council of Graduate Schools says this was the first year ever that women earned more doctorates than men.

martin answers:

It’s so funny and surprised. I found that you are learning in VOA news right? It’s incredible! Yes, it’s the same as 50.4% and it’s normal to make it. Just to analyze to let you easy image (in fraction) 4/10 is more imaginable than 0.4.

Linda asks…

How do i get my 3 month old puppy to stop biting me?

My three month puppy wont stop biting me. The vet told me that its a good idea to sort of tap him with a rolled up news paper when he does bite me but he thinks im playing with him. I’ve even tried what the dog whisper does but everything fails. If you have any other tips please help! Thanks

martin answers:

Puppies chewing is totally natural. They are just like teething babies. Bitter lemon spray can be great but doesn’t work for all dogs – some actually like the taste!
For quick and easy alternatives

The best thing to do to stop nipping and mouthing is to let out a puppy like yelp, this immediately makes the puppy back away as it is what her litter mates would do. Its a way to let them know that it hurts. They won’t understand all the no’s and putting them in another room etc. When they nip, you yelp then turn your back on them (get visitors to do the same) they will soon get the message of ‘ouch that hurts and i am not playing because of it’ Try this link for a full guide.


You should also teach your puppy the ‘leave it’ command this is not only for objects but also helps them control their bite inhibition (become more aware of how people like to be interacted with). This will show you how (its really easy)

Hope this helps :D

Jenny asks…

Chances of a strong earthquake in the Pacific Northwest?

I recently heard on the news that Iceland had a strong earthquake and it could cause a chain reaction. So how much of a chance is there of a really strong earthquake to hit the PN? I live here and I know we don’t get too many strong quakes (normally) so I’m guessing most of our buildings won’t be able to withstand a strong quake.
I know they are 2 way different fault lines haha. I was just talking in general, what are the chances.

martin answers:

Where do you live exactly? NW US? By Washington State? Oh yes I would say there is a chance of a very strong earthquake hitting that area in the near to not so distant future. California is just below there. If you are talking about NW US. That’s why I would avoid earthquake and tornado areas very hard to survive those kinds of natural disasters since tornadoes are unpredictable and much too powerful and earthquakes as well plus both are very deadly. Tornadoes are the ones I fear most. I Live in Florida and I’ll take my chances with a hurricane every 5 years or so. If you are in a strong building with an underground area incase of sporadic tornadoes during a hurricane you will survive but with an earthquake or an f3/f4/f5 tornado not likely. Sorry that’s life. And I play the odds and don’t take unnecessary risk like living in tornado/earthquake areas. Visit yes, Live NO! ~DC~

George asks…

Where can I find printable newspaper articles on the internet?

Need one for my assignment. Its on a natural disaster.

martin answers:

This may help out a little bit, hopefully. There’s a big “News” section at DirectJump :

Just scroll down to “News”. There are links to worldwide newspaper sites if that helps…

( – The Source on the Web )

Mandy asks…

What are cat owners doing to insure thier cats do not kill birds and other wildife?

The recent news about cats killing birds is terribly sadden. It must be stopped.
There are no excuses for allowing a domestic pet to kill anything. The owner is responsible. You will pay the penalty when your pet violates the law.
Jana, it can be stopped, and it will be stopped. Killing wildlife it unforgivable, instinct or not. You as a pet owner have options. Stop the killing or pay the price.

martin answers:

Responsible owners keep the cats indoors where they belong, take them out on a leash or have an escape proof enclosure.

Forget about trying to argue with irresponsible owners, you knot the ones who allow their cats to roam and slaughter native wildlife, crap in people’s yards, damage property, spread parasites and diseases. They will come up with every excuse in the book and then some becouse they think they are entitled to let their non native highly invasive pet roam.

The same owners never take any responsibility for the damage their cats cause and blame every one else when the cats are killed or shot by some one becouse the cats where a threat to their poultry or where damaging their property

The like to use the classic excuses like its instinct. Well, its instinct for high prey drive dogs to kill smaller dogs and cats. So that means people who own high prey drive dogs are entitled to let them roam and kill small dogs and cats. After all, its instinct.

Or the ‘its nature’ excuse. Domesticated cats are NOT natural. They are man made. They have no place what so ever in the food chain and slaughter native wild life and push out native predators. And in many areas domesticated cats are directly responsible for the extinction of many native species, many of which will never be seen again becouse they don’t breed in captivity and directly responsible for putting many more on the endangered list

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