A new study from Chicago’s Northwestern University, published in the journal JACC: Heart Failure revealed some devastating facts.

So although heart failure is most common among people +65, the three main factors causing it already began working full blast in your mid forties and fifties.

The good news is, you’re in control of all three factors.

The urgent news is, no matter if you’re 45, 55, 65 or 75, you absolutely must take action NOW to tackle these factors.

Because tackling these three factors now prevents heart failure can add 38 healthy years to your life.

The scientists analyzed huge quantities of data collected by four population-wide heart studies performed in the US between 1948 and 1987.

They collected the health outcomes of more than 19,000 people whose heart health was known at age 45, and of a further 24,000 whose heart health information was available at age 55.

In general, people who had no diabetes, high blood pressure, or obesity at ages 45 and 55 had a much smaller chance of developing heart failure later on in their lives.

More specifically, the study’s findings included the following:

1. People who didn’t have diabetes, high blood pressure, or obesity during their middle ages, were 73% – to 85% less likely to suffer heart failure at all than those who had some or all of these risk factors.

2. Compared with those who had all three, people without any of them at age 45 lived on the average 34 to 38 years longer without developing heart failure.

3. Diabetes had the greatest effect, with people free of it during their middle ages living 8.6 years (men) and 10.6 years (women) longer than those who suffered from it.

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The statistics were similar for those who struggled with these three major risk factors at age 55.

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