The berries in the study I’ll be telling you about today are so powerful that in the highest intake they were proven as effective as common type 2 diabetes drugs.

And that is without causing any side effects.

What’s more, the study subjects taking these berries gained no weight – even those who consumed quite an unhealthy diet.

The catch is, however, that the berries need to be prepared in a very specific way.

Researchers have long known that specific nutrients in berries, named anthocyanins, have a beneficial effect on people with type 2 diabetes. That is why the American Association of Diabetes recommends that diabetics eat large amounts of berries.

In the last few years, medical scientists also realized that they could increase the concentration of anthocyanins in berries by fermenting them.

Based on this discovery, academics at the University of Illinois started wondering whether an alcohol-free berry wine would be an even better natural dietary addition for diabetics than normal berries. They used an alcohol-free beverage because alcohol is sugar-rich and may increase, instead of reduce blood sugar.

They first gave mice a high-fat and high-sugar diet for a couple a weeks to induce type 2 diabetes.

They then made a fermented berry drink with 70 percent of blackberries and 30 percent of blueberries by first fermenting the berries in low temperatures, and then replacing the alcohol with water.

They divided the diabetic mice into five groups:

– The first received pure water to drink
– The second received the diabetes drug sitagliptin.
– The other three received the fermented berry drink with three different concentrations of anthocyanins: high, medium, and low.

They found that the mice given the fermented drinks had lower blood glucose levels than those given the water, and that they put on no weight, even while they were on a seriously unhealthy diet.

In addition, their bodies managed to deposit glucose in their muscles and organs where it was used as energy.

Finally, they showed less oxidative stress and less systemic inflammation, two of the main contributing factors not only to diabetes, but also to heart disease.

The mice that were given the fermented drink with the highest concentration anthocyanins benefited as much as those on the diabetes drug.

Unfortunately, this berry drink is not available in the shops, and fermenting berries at home will probably produce products with too much sugar to match these effects.

Mentioning alcohol-free grape wine that is already produced for diabetics, the authors recommend that wine makers use this research to produce an alcohol-free berry wine. Hopefully we’ll see more varieties on the market soon.

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