Although NO study has ever proven the effectiveness of this drug to lower risk of heart attack or stroke for most people, it’s prescribed more than any other drug worldwide.

What’s even worse than its uselessness is that the list of side effects keeps on growing.

Recent studies have linked this drug to diabetes. And now scientists are revealing it causes blindness.

And not just for some. 37% of those using these popular drugs develop vision problems.

If you are taking a Statin for high cholesterol and are also noticing your vision deteriorating, science is now proving that it might not be a coincidence or a simple effect of aging.

In a joint study out of University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and Dallas VA Medical Center, researchers have found recently that people who take Statins are more likely to develop cataracts than people who don’t use the drugs.

The study involved more than 27,000 people who were considered to be in overall good health. After controlling for genetic factors and other conditions that cause cataracts, such as diabetes, researchers found that 37% of the participants taking Statin drugs developed cataracts compared with the 10% of cataract-sufferers who did not take the drugs.

Getting cholesterol back to healthy levels doesn’t have to involve taking drugs – which always have dangerous side effects. Don’t just throw pills at the problem hoping it will go away – solve the problem, naturally and permanently.

Here is the exact step-by-step strategy I used to get my cholesterol under control in less than a month – drug free…

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