A recently discovered medical therapy for low libido and ED has been quite a hype lately.

Ton of doctors swear by it, even if it hasn’t been studied a lot. And if you complain about these conditions, your doctor has most definitely mentioned it.

But a new study of this therapy shows it not just completely useless, it also reveals serious side effects such as prostate cancer, stroke and heart attack.

If your testosterone level goes down as you age, and erectile dysfunction and lack of libido increases as you age, wouldn’t increase testosterone help?

Not so, says actual science.

In a review study, published in the Journal PLOS, of 47 previously published studies that examined the ability of testosterone supplements to remedy ED, Dr Huo S, Scialli and his associates concluded that it is not effective for this purpose.

Of the 47 studies that examined men’s subjective perception of their sexual function, 24 showed that testosterone did not work at all to improve sexual function or satisfaction.

The other 23 were a bit more mixed. Their subjects reported some improvement of at least one measure of sexual function or satisfaction which, if you think about it, is quite unsatisfactory for men who want to perform and enjoy sex as before.

Of the 12 studies that actually studied men with medically diagnosed ED, eight showed that the testosterone supplementation was completely ineffective.

The conclusions regarding libido were somewhat more positive, with more studies finding testosterone to be effective than ineffective.

If physical function, mood, or cognitive abilities, is your focus… Sorry other non-ED related studies showed that it did not work for any of these conditions either.

The main problem with testosterone supplementation is the it’s serious side effects:
– Acne, Fluid retention
Increased urination symptoms such as a decreased stream or frequency,
– Increased prostate cancer risk
Breast enlargement
– Sleep apnea
Decreased testicular size
– Sleep apnea
Aggression and mood swings
– Blood clots
Worst of all, stroke and heart attack
The reason why testosterone is so effective to cure erectile dysfunction is simply because it’s not the cause of this disease.

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